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Email Recovery Changes.
Posted by Amanda Jappert on 19 June 2017 09:38 AM

Dear clients,


As time goes on we are seeing more and more people expanding their email services and usage.

This has brought with it a greater need for more technical support as there has been a considerable increase in email issues everywhere.


As these issues are generally specific to an email address or domain and there have been greater demands placed on time and resource usage.

Location of individual emails and other issues external to our own equipment and services can no longer be supported by our support staff.


Please bear in mind when requesting support, that time spent on all issues determined to be outside of our support area may be invoiced at the rate of $90 per hour.

Request of that support is a binding contract.


There are public tools online for those who wish to track email or domain information or whether a server happens to be blacklisted, etc.

If you are waiting to receive an email from someone and not receiving it, that is generally an issue with the sending server.

If it happens to be on one of the many blacklists, those providers that utilize that technology will block any email from that sender.


When presenting the information to us or another provider for support, please try to provide as much information regarding the issue as possible.


We will support our clients and our services but tight business times prevent us from supporting other providers clients or services.


Thank you for your continued business and support.




Al Hicks

Systems Administrator

Arvic Search Services Inc.

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