Set Up a POP3 email client program
Posted by on 30 May 2011 11:35 AM

A POP3 account is a great way to save, store, and send your business email messages. There are many different POP3 email client programs available such as Microsoft Outlook,, Mozilla Thunderbird, and iCloud.

Below are some basic instructions to get you started in setting up your POP3 account. We have also included the Chilifish settings needed to set up your POP3 account. 

1.   Webmail account

Before setting up your POP3 Outlooks account, login to your webmail account to ensure that messages can successfully be sent and received by the mail server.

Send yourself a new email message with the Subject: “Test” and “Test” in the message body.

If you have successfully sent and received this Test email, you ready to begin Step 2, the Set Up of your POP3 Account. Leave your webmail account open until you have finished creating your Outlook account.

If you cannot send or receive a test message successfully through your webmail account, then please submit a Helpdesk ticket so we can troubleshoot the issue. (mail not sending or receiving from the Webmail server is a Chilifish issue that we need to resolve. Mail not sending or receiving from a POP3 account, is the third party software program’s issue)

2.   Set Up your POP3 email account
This is an outline of how to set up your POP3 Account within most standard POP3 email client applications. Each application may name the fields differently, but the following information will be required.

Unfortunately, we cannot support the set-up of your POP3 email account. If the instructions provided below do not fully meet your needs, you will need to contact the software provider or your computer technician for further assistance.

Open your email client program

Account Settings
Create, New or Add Account
Select POP3, or POP as the type of account. (IMAP is for your smartphone or a tablet)

You will need the following settings:

    Password: your private password
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server

Option 1 - for desktop computers: enter your current ISP’s SMTP server name goes here.


Option 2 - for laptops that aren't in a fixed location: enter our smtp information

SMTP Port: use the default port listed, or 8025. Or use Port 25 if your ISP will not allow 8025. test with each to see which one will work best

For additional information or to troubleshoot the set up of your POP#, we suggest completing an internet search for support documents specific to your email client application and/or your ISP. Most issues pertaining to POP3 set ups and step by step instructions can be found online. 

Thank you very much.

Tanis Arcuri
Arvic Search Services Inc.

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