Check your IceWarp webmail Email Disk Space
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Check your IceWarp webmail Email Disk Space

If you are using your webmail account and not an email client program such as Microsoft Outlook,, Mozilla Thunderbird or iCloud; emails will need to be deleted on a regular basis. You will receive an automated "Disk Space Quota" email notice once your email disk space reaches 80% full.

If you are using the webmail application and you find that you are unable to receive emails, please check your Disk Space to ensure you have enough storage space in your account to be able to receive email messages.

User - Check your current Disk Space:

Within the IceWarp webmail you can quickly check your Disk Space Quota and how much you have left in your allotted storage space.

Desktop Interface:

Click your User Profile Icon – right-hand side of your screen
Accounts - the Disk Quota will be shown on the top of the Accounts tab*

This will indicate if you need to clean out your Webmail Inbox/SPAM/Trash/sent or other personalized folders.

*If you do not see your disk space listed, send us a Support Ticket through the helpdesk.

Tablet Interface:

Your Disk Quota is visually represented at the top of your screen in Table mode.

Mobile Interface:

Mobile Interface does not display your disk space for you. You will need to switch to either the Tablet or Desktop interfaces to be able to view your Disk Space.


Domain Administrator Login

If you are logging in as the Administrator ( then you will be able to see how much space each email account is using of your global disk space.

From the main screen click on the Statistics tab.

Each email address account will be listed. The total space is listed in the "Messages" column and the Total Used Space is listed in the bottom right-hand corner of the browser with the heading "Used Space". The Used Space will be shown as KB, therefore to convert that to MB divide the KB number by 1000.

Ex. 10000KB is 10MB

From this screen you will be able to see which email account may need to clean out email messages.


Why do I have a certain amount of disk space?

Based on your particular Hosting plan you will have a certain amount of email disk storage space allotted to your whole domain which will include multiple email accounts.

If you are set up on the Barebones Plus Hosting Package, you will have 100MB available for all the email accounts created and maintained under that hosting plan.

If there are 5 email accounts created, then it would be common that the Domain Administrator would divide the 100MB into 5 even shares.

Ex. 100MB / 5 email accounts = 20MB each
Of course, individual account limits can be set up based on usage and need and can be set up at the discretion of the Domain Administrator.


Disk Space gets used up quickly:

As computer functionality increases so do the size of our emails. Each html newsletter and e-zine we sign up for tends to be rather large files when compared to their simpler counterparts, the text email. Storing these large emails in your Inbox, Trash Bin, or personalized folder may eat up your disk storage space.

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