Troubleshoot emails that do NOT bounceback
Posted by on 28 October 2016 01:16 PM

In practise, all email servers receive mail; and if they reject any mail then they will send a bounceback message to confirm that the email was rejected.

In other cases an email can be received by the email server but be automatically filed in a junk or spam folder. The email is still technically received but not seen by the recipient.

What can you do when you find out an email has been sent to you and the sender did not get a bounceback, nor is it in your junk folder and you still have not received it? 

You will need to trace the senders email to help find out where the email is going. 

1)Ask the sender to send you another email.

  • If you successfully receive it then you won't be able to further troubleshoot the previous email. 
  • If you do not get the email, then login to webmail and check the SPAM or junk folder. Also look in your email client program such as Outlook to see if a Rule automatically filed the email into a folder. Deleted, SPAM, or other subfolders you have set up. 

2) If you cannot find the trace of the email, submit a helpdesk ticket with the sender's email address and date and time. The email server keeps logs for 7 days. We will be able to tell you if our email server has received the email or not. 


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