Help Evaluating Bounceback emails - Non-Delivery Notices
Posted by on 28 October 2016 12:57 PM

Bounceback emails are automated emails sent directly from the receiving email server. The receiving email server will tell the sender why their email has been rejected by the receiving email server. 

There are many reasons why an email server will reject an email. In the event that a sender informs you that they received a Bouceback or Non-Delivery notice email here is what you and your sender can do to evaluate the bounceback. 

1) Look for the bounceback error message contained within the Non-Delivery Notice email.

2) Use the following table to find the appropriate resolution

Bounceback error

Cause of Error


Account does not exist;
Recipient not found

The email recipient does not exist

The sender will need to correct the recipient email address and resend the email.

Mailbox full

Maximum email storage quota has been reached

Recipient will need to login to webmail and clear out emails. Check the Knowledgebase for more information.

Refused by recipient

The recipient has placed the sender email address in their Blacklist

The recipient can login to webmail to remove the sender from the Blacklist and add them to the Whitelist. Also check all third party email client program blacklists as well. Ie. Outlook

*if the sender email address is not listed in webmail nor email client program blacklist… submit a helpdesk ticket


The IP address or domain name of the sender has been blacklisted by the Internet Community

The sender will need to troubleshoot with their email provider and/or ISP. Sender can search and see that their domain or IP address has been blacklisted through a search engine search.

Virus Detected

Our email server has detected a virus and rejected the email and its contents

The sender will need to ensure that any attachments are virus free before attempting to resend.


Sender’s IP or domain name may be greylisted instead of blacklisted.

The sender’s email server will automatically attempt to resend the email for the next 30 hours to allow for the greylisting to be lifted

3) Submit a Helpdesk ticket - As the receiving email server, we cannot assist in troubleshooting common bounceback emails with the exception of the "Refused by Recipient" bounceback error and the recipient cannot find on webmail or in an email client program where they have been blacklisted and whitelisting the sender does not resolve the issue. For that, the recipient will need to submit a Helpdesk ticket. 



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