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Extra-Provincial Registrations
Posted by Larry Boychuk on 28 July 2014 01:58 PM

Extra-Provincial Registrations

Is your company expanding? Are you looking to move into the Canadian market?

Whether you are an international or Canadian corporation, if you are looking to expand an existing corporation into a Canadian province you will need to file an Extra-Provincial registration.

The following rules apply when you want to;

Register in Alberta any existing corporation from any other Canadian jurisdiction.


Register in Alberta, or any other Canadian Jurisdiction, any corporation currently registered and active outside Canada.

1)      Name Reservation:

We will need to run a valid NUANS or Name reservation report to reserve your proposed corporate name*. If you are unable to extra-provincially register into the jurisdiction with your existing name, you can come in under an Assumed name.

*A NUANS or name reservation is not required if the Home Jurisdiction is a Canadian Federal Corporation.

2)      Attorney for Service:

An extra-provincially registered company is not required to have any directors who are resident in Canada. However, it is required to have a person act as "Attorney for Service". The Attorney for Service is any individual (not necessarily a lawyer) who will be responsible for receiving official documents, on behalf of the corporation, once registered. In most cases Arvic is appointed as the Attorney for Service for an additional yearly service fee in Alberta.

3)      Charter Documents:

If the corporation is an active Canadian corporation then we require;

  • Certified copies of existing articles of incorporation as filed in home jurisdiction.
  • Certified copies of any and all amendments filed in the home jurisdiction.

If the corporation is an active corporation, but not a Canadian corporation, then we require;

  • Certificate of good standing or confirmation of last annual return if filed less than six months ago.
  • Certified copies of existing charter documents as filed in home jurisdiction.
  • Certified copies of any and all amendments filed in the home jurisdiction

Copies can be certified by a Government official, a company officer or, a notary public under seal.

4) NWPTA - New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) is an agreement between British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan to make it easier to do business across those borders. One of the main benefits of NWPTA is that the fees to extra-provincially register a corporation into these provinces have been waived. A named business is only required to complete a Name Reservation report if extra-provincially registering into BC or Saskatchewan or a NUANS report if extra-provincially registering into Alberta. Please note: in BC a Name Reservation is required for Numbered Corporations as well.

You can use our online forms to begin your Extra-Provincial (Ex-Pro) registration, or you can give us a call if you need assistance.

Before accessing the online Extra-Provincial Registration forms please make sure you have the following items ready from the Ex-Pro Checklist.

Ex-Pro Checklist

  • Corporate name
  • Home Jurisdiction
  • Head Office Address
  • Directors names and addresses
  • Principal Business (describe what the nature of work is for the corporation)
  • Attorney for Service name and address

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