Your Minute Book
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Congratulations on your new Incorporation!

We want your new business venture to be successful and to help you better understand your Minute Book and how to use it we have made this fast Guide for you.

This will help you in your Corporate Governance and give you the information to accurately manage and maintain your Minute Book.

Your Minute Book

When used properly, your Minute Book can be the one place you can go to find out all the information you would ever need to know about your corporation. What do your Bylaws say? Who are the Director’s? What Share Structure do I have? Did I file my Annual Return last year? 

When you open your Minute book you will see your Paid Invoice as well as a letter from our office explaining what work we have completed for you, and your NUANS or Name Reservation report if you ordered a named incorporation.

You will also see the following Tabs contained in your Minute Book. Not sure how to use all these tabs?

Your Minute Book’s Tabs

Corporate Data
This lists the current Corporate information at a glance.

Certificates and Articles
This tab contains your Certificate of Incorporation and the Articles of Incorporation information that are registered with your Corporation

The Bylaws set out a guideline as to regulations that need to be followed by this corporation in accordance to the Business Act of your jurisdiction.

Resolutions update and change the corporate information and act as a Consent, Approval and Confirmation of Corporate Information.

Minutes are filed along with the Annual return to act as a meeting of the Corporation on an Annual Basis.

All Corporate filings such as Direct/Shareholder/Address changes will be contained in your Notices Section. File them sequentially with newest on top, and you will have an accurate record of your Corporations changes since its creation.

Director’s Register
The List of the Directors of the Corporation        

Extra Provincial Registrations
A Corporation has the opportunity to file Extra-Provincially in other jurisdictions. All Extra-Provincial filings would be contained in this tab. This has become increasingly popular since TILMA was introduced allowing for easier registration in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Annual Returns
Each year on the Anniversary of the Corporation’s Incorporation date the Annual Return must be filed with the Government. This filing is not the same as your Corporate Tax Return filing. The Annual Return filing is used to update the Government with your Corporate information and to provide proof that the Corporation is still in existence.

Any major contracts the Corporation engages in can be filed in this tab.

Security Certificates
These are the security certificates that are created for the Shareholders of the Corporation. They outline the Number, type of Shares and date they were issued.

Director’s Resolutions
This is the document that outlines the Directors confirmation as to the organization of the corporation.

Shareholder’s Resolutions
Declaration of the Shareholders to the organization of the Corporation.

Mortgage Register
To keep track of any Mortgages that are registered within the Company name.

Financial Statements
Have your Corporate Financial statements easily accessible especially when you have an appointment with the Bank and if they need this information.

Disclosure Register

Listing of all the people and or corporations that the Corporation has given disclosure rights to. Therefore, if you are intending to sell the corporation, each interested party would be added to the Disclosure register after they had signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement to look over the corporate financials or business plans.

Unanimous Shareholders Agreement

An Agreement among all the shareholders of a legal entity that outlines and restricts the power of the Directors.

Securities Register
a Register of the Securities that have been issued by the Corporation.

Register of Transfers
A Register of the Transfers of Securities.

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