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Corporate Embossing Seals
Posted by Larry Boychuk on 28 July 2014 01:48 PM

Corporate Embossing Seals

Seals have a history that dates back to the Middle Ages as a way to identify, brand and legitimatize corporate documents. Seals have changed a great deal since the days of hot vermillion sealing wax and a ring signet!

Although having a Corporate Seal is not a requirement under today’s corporate laws, businesses still have many purposes for their seals.

  • Signing Leases and Deeds for the Corporation
  • Issuing Share Certificates
  • Legitimize business contracts
  • Authorize Payable Invoices

You have a choice of the following three Seal Types:

  1. 1.    Standard Seal - this is a Mark Maker Standard seal. It will have your business name and the words "Corporate Seal" included on the Embossing insert
  2. 2.    Personalized Seal - if you would like more text to include your Corporate Jurisdiction and Incorporation date on your seal, choose to have a Personalized Seal.
  3. 3.    Custom Seal - Have a little fun with your seal and insert your corporate logo! 
    It's a small price to pay for originality.

Arvic has been offering Mark Maker seals since 1983 and we love their durability, their ease of use, and the fact that they work every time. 

The Mark Maker will emboss the page so that the imprint is slightly elevated. We test each Mark Maker embosser for quality before we send it to you so the quality is guaranteed.

You will love your Mark Maker embosser.

Click here to order your Corporate Embossing Seal Today.

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