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If you are using your IceWarp webmail account and not an email client program such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Mail, or Mac Mail; emails will need to be deleted on a regular basis. You will receive an automated "Disk Space Quota" email notice once your email disk space on the webmail server reaches 80% full.

Cleaning out your Webmail account:

The following Email folders need to be Emptied or cleared out:

  • SPAM – this should be emptied each week or each day depending on how many emails are in the folder
  • Sent – each email you send out through the webmail may be saved and stored. Purging unnecessary emails from your sent folder can save you disk storage space.
  • All Subfolders – if you do have other sub-folder structures set up within your webmail account, then each of those emails saved in the sub-folders account for email disk space. Evaluating which emails need to kept on the server and which ones can be purged will help in saving you overall email disk space.
  • Deleted Items – finally, after you have evaluated and purged all the above folders, you can Empty your Deleted Items folder.


Check your current Disk Space:

Within the Advanced Interface of Webmail you can quickly check your Disk Space and how much you have left in your allotted storage space.

Go to Tools
In the Primary tab you will see how much space your emails are currently using.

This will indicate if you need to clean out your Webmail Inbox/SPAM/Trash or other personalized folders.

Within the Basic  and Mobile Interfaces of Webmail, you will see the total disk space used tracked at the bottom of the Webmail page.


Set your POP3 Email Client program:

If you use Microsoft Outlook,, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc., you can set up your email client programs to delete the messages off the email server automatically for you;

Go to email --> Account Settings

  • Select “Remove from Server after 0 days” – select between 2-7 days
  • Select “Remove from Server when deleted from Deleted Items”

Depending on which POP3 Email client program you use, the wording may be slightly different.



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